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Iwona Banerska
Nursery school United Toddlers

Why choose us:

The owner of the nursery is an experienced teacher who works there and coordinates the work of other educators. 

All our caretakers are natives

Seven years in a row, our nursery occupies leading positions in the “Super Nursery” competition. 

We are a cosy nursery – we have 15 places for children. 

Our nursery is both caring and educating. We have a rich educational offer: music classes, art, ceramics workshops and visits of interesting guests. 

Classes are held mainly in English and there are elements of the Montessori program

 Non-slip floors cushioning falls, proper ventilation of the interior, a separate bedroom and own garden give the child the opportunity to rest, comfort and freedom to explore and discover the new surroundings. 

Record in the register of nurseries guarantees parents the confidence that they entrust their child to an institution that meets the highest standards of care. Our place is supervised by Health Board, Fire Department and the Ministry of Social Policy.

About Us

Mission and goals

The mission of our nursery school is maintaining and stimulating inborn ability of learning and discovering the world among children, by education which uses their naturally developing senses and abilities appearing in the development process.

Realization of the mission is based on having individualised control over and taking care of children, whose education includes the use of Montessori programme, music and movement exercises as well as games.

Individual approach is carried out through taking care of a relatively small group of children per one caretaker. One caretaker is responsible for 4–5 children. The whole nursery school is for 15 children maximum.

We hope that ensuring safety and nice atmosphere during games and education will shape creativity, empathy, delicacy, sense of responsibility and duty among children.


We generally use Montessori method in the education process. Learning takes place in a separate room, equipped with original materials. The Montessori method has a form of structuralized work with a child, which, thanks to appropriate materials, improves children’s education using their natural developing senses and abilities, which appear in the development process.


The main place of our nursery school is a games room as well as the room which is used to teach using Montessori method. The games room has a pool filled with balls (our experience shows that it is one of the games most liked by children), mega blocks as well as many traditional toys.

The Montessori room has original didactical aids, which are necessary while using this method (e.g. “Pink Tower”, “Touch Boards”, etc.).

The nursery school also has a room to sleep during a day with mattresses/mats, kitchen, meal delivery point, scullery, separate toilets for children and the personnel, cloakroom, social area for the personnel and office.

Spending time outside in a safe way is very important. That is why, we have a garden with equipment adjusted for the age of children (plastic slide, small house, swing, etc.).

Equipment elements, toys and educational materials have all required safety standards.

“Super nursery”

This year, once again on the podium – 3rd place in the “Super Nursery” competition!

In 2017, we were chosen the best non-public nursery in Warsaw. In 2016, we took second place. Earlier, we received awards.

The competition is organized by the City of Warsaw. 34 non-public nurseries took part in the competition. Parents and guardians vote through an anonymous online survey.



Meet our team

Our carers are native, love to work with children and have appropriate qualification

Iwona Banerska

Iwona Banerska


Musfika Sheth


'Mrs Wish' Vaishali Saini​


Jędrzej Sienkiewicz


Cooperation with specialists

At the request of our parents, we are able to invite a speech therapist and a psychologist to cooperate with us.


How to get to us

Iwona Banerska

Tel. 608 737 091
Opening hours: from 8:00 to 17:15
Address: al. Rzespospolitej 10/158
e-mail: zlobek@unitedtoddlers.pl
or nurseryschool@unitedtoddlers.pl

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We enroll throughout the whole calendar year.
Maximum number of places: 15.

Enrolling children to our nursery school is based on

a first-come first-served rule.

Children are enrolled depending on vacant places.