Iwona Banerska

Iwona Banerska


Graduate of Preschool Montessori Program in American Montessori Centre in Vancouver. She has used Montessori method in practice as a teacher of Montessori Academy, teaching a group of children aged 1,5–2,5. She gave classes mainly in English. 

Iwona Banerska is also a graduate of the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw (MA) as well as the Faculty of Special Education, specialization: education of the deaf and dumb of the University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (BA).

She has gained experience in working with children during studies in cooperation with an agency of educational services in Wroclaw. Besides, she had her vocational training as a caretaker of disabled children in special purpose school and education centres. Additionally, she has been using her knowledge in practice – helping to take care of children of persons employed in the American embassy as well as substituting the teaching staff during their sick leaves in American School of Warsaw (Elementary School) in Konstancin.

Privately, she is a mother of a 7.5 year old son